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Poem on Mengele

A poem on him I found. Don't you just hate it when they start out nicely, but after you read more lines, the demonization begins. :(

Onkel Mengele
by Barbara Wind

Onkel, the twins call him.
An aristocrat
Gentle, beneficent

He brings them toys, lemon drops.
These two feel blessed
So much terror here

But this great man is their protector.
They do not know
They are the next experiment.

Soon they will be
Stitched back to back.
Their cries of pain will be carefully

Charted, no medicine will be
Administered for relief.
The wounds will swell, suppurate.

The patients will be left to lie in pus
But their blood and urine will
Be analyzed. Photographs will be

Taken each step of the way,
The doctor has ordered it for today.
They are bathed, hair neatly combed

The little girl's in two dark braids.
Onkel winks and clicks his Leica
Watch the birdie, children,! Smile!

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