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2004 in year 7 was when I first heard of this man during a Holocaust assignment

- In a creepy way he is good looking
- I find his determination quality admirable
- His craving for knowledge is similar to mine
- Although I despise him for the horrible acts he committed on unwilling victims I do credit him for his willingness to go through with it
- Faire enough he wanted to do genetics its the way he went about it that sh%ts me up the wall

[Medical Assistant receives an unusual package]
Medical Assistant: What the hell is this!? It's cold, it's packed in dry ice...
[Dr. Josef Mengele takes a look at the package]
Dr. Josef Mengele: Ah it's the heart I've always wanted.
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Hello I'm a newbie so I thought I'd introduce myself

Hello Fellow lovers of the angel 8D I don't have much to add to the community since I'm fairly new to the history of Mengele. I do have a couple of poems I made about him if you guys would like to see them just say the word. They were for school so they stick with the typical angel of death bad wicked evil feel but you gals might still like 'em.
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Rare Unpublished Diary Auction

STAMFORD, Conn.,. Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned auctioneers Alexander Autographs has uncovered an incredibly rare find: notorious Auschwitz death camp Dr. Josef Mengele's treatise on eugenics and euthanasia, written by him in 1960 while in hiding in Argentina. The document will be offered along with over 1,400 other lots of historic autographs at auction on January 20th and 21st commencing at 10:00 AM at the auction house's Stamford headquarters.

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Mengele about his experiments, according to Hans Münch

Quotes by Hans Münch from The meeting: an Auschwitz survivor confronts an SS physician by Bernhard Frankfurter, Susan E. Cernyak-Spatz

How much credibility would you give them?

I wanted to know what Mengele was doing because I was in close contact with him, and we had these political or, rather, ideological discussions. For that reason, I wanted to know what he actualy did. Everyone was saying that Mengele was doing certain experimentations.
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