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'Reductio ad Mengeleum'

I saw a quote about 'Reductio ad Hitlerum'

"The propagators of the new religion of the holocaust are not actually interested in the sufferings of the Jews but in the destruction of every good thing that can be tarred with the Nazi brush: Lutheran and Catholic Christianity, patriotism and the affection for one's own people and traditions, conventional morality, traditional art and literature.
"Leo Strauss called it the reductio ad Hitlerum. If Hitler liked neoclassical art, that means that classicism in every form is Nazi; if Hitler wanted to strengthen the German family, that makes the traditional family (and its defenders) Nazi; if Hitler spoke of the "nation" or the "folk," then any invocation of nationality, ethnicity, or even folkishness is Nazi ..."

-- Thomas Fleming, editor, Chronicles (Rockford, Illinois), May 2000, p. 11.

which made me think. The same thing is done sometimes about Doctor Mengele. For example, anti-abortionists use the Mengele argument against abortion and family planning. Video demonstration:

Dr. Josef Mengele And The AMA Agree On Abortion / Video PSA

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Mengele also liked classical music, does that mean I can protest outside the nearest concert hall because it was OMG EVOL?
Also, as a Holocaust historian (interested in the history, not in making people feel bad) I find the above quote incredibly insulting.