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Mengele sightings

Someone posted it on the forum, I copy it here cause it's interesting.


Argentina on the North King Flees from Europe via boat


Buenos Aires Introduced to Eichman
New York City Survivor Contact in July
Aberdeen Proving Grounds Survivor Contact in November

Buenos Aires Worked in Lab under alias of Dr. Gregor

Florida Survivor Contact
Paraguay --Met Alejandro von Ecstein
Olivos --Winter he moved to a house at 1875 Calle Sarmiento

Argentina Applied for Passport in April
Argentina Given Good Conduct Pass on Sept. 1
Argentina Argentine Court Issues a 120 day passport
Nashville, TN Survivor Contact
Clarksville,TN Survivor Contact Fort Cambell

Switzerland Mengele flys to Switzerland 2 hr. stopover in New York

Santiago,Chile-Feb. Business Trip meets Walter Rauffe who was an SS Colonel who
developed the mobile gas vans that killed 97,000 people
Raven Rock/Camp David and Walter Reed Survivor Contact
Adirondack Mtns Survivor Contact

Montevdeo, Uraquay July married Martha
Buenos Aires August returns to 970 Virrey Vertiz, Olivios Suburb bordered on the
back of Peron's former palatial home
Fadro Farm KGSA in Buenos Aires Arrested under alias Dr. Gregor for practicing without a license in a
back street abortion clinic where girl dies
Asuncion, Paraquay September stays at boarding house called Astra on 90 day visa

Buenos, Aires Father dies in March, sells shares of Fadro Farm returns to Argentina
Argentina May flees to Alto Parana, known as Nueva Bavaria lodges with diehard

Paraquay Nazi Alban Krug in Hohenau, 40 miles north of Encarnacion. He also travels to Filadelfia, Rosario, San Bernardion & Villarrica

Canada Survivor Contact, used alias Father Joseph

Brazil Decides capture inevitable, leaves for Sau Palo
Montreal , CA Survivor Contact
Detroit, MI Survivor Contact
Kansas City Survivor Contact
Canada Survivor Contact used alias Father Joseph

Canada Survivor Contact used alias Father Joseph
Egypt Escaped Israeli Agents while preparing to go to Crete

Brazil Serra Negro 93 miles north of Sau Paulo with Stammers' and buys a
farm called Santa Luzia
Returns to Paraquay
Viet Nam Survivor Contact on ship Hope
Kitchener in Ontario, CA Rabbi sites suspicious man using name Joseph Menke
Canada Survivor Contact used alias Father Joseph
Upper Parana July Paraquay receives extradition request and he moves and assumes
name of Dr. Fritz Fischer

Walter Reed Survivor Contact
New Mexico Survivor Contact, Albuqerque
Milan, Italy Xmas Eve meets son in Italy, using Alias Dr. Gregor Gregory

Russia Survivor Contact
New York Survivor Contact
Detroit, MI Survivor Contact

Monaca, PA Survivor Contact
Mt. Hood, Oregon Survivor Contact
Upper Penn., MI Survivor Contact

Hohenau, Parauay Tirol Hotel, #12

Maine Survivor Contact
Cleveland Survivor Contact

Sao Paulo alias Peter Hochbichler

Sao Paulo Mengele considers offer from Klaus Barbie to move to Bolivia, but declines

obtains identity card which allows him to travel country without suspicion living under alias Wolfgang Gerhard

CIA reports Mengele using the name Dr. Henrique Wollman, and he might be involved in drug dealing drug dealing

5555 Alveranga Road in Sao Paulo living under alias Don Pedro

Life Magazine claimed Mengele lived in private house on Haines Road 30 miles north of New York

Mengele reported dead, February 17, 1979 Reported Drowned

Greencastle Indiana Mengele Family buys 400 acres of farmland in December

29-Aug-79 Assistant U.S. Attorney in Miami, Fla, Jerry Sanford receives word from FBI
that Mengele will be at the airport and flying in from Asuncion on board
Braniff Flight 974. One hour later call comes from Washington saying
Mengele had been tipped off.
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Can you add sightings after 1979, otherwise you look like a shill for the intelligence work he is presumed to have done until recent years.
For example, I checked here because one website said he had been seen as recently as three years ago.
I personally had a brush with a short, gap toothed, very old, very wrinkly, very Germanic-accented chuckling gentleman when half way through 5 weeks I devoted to research into Monarch Programming. After chuckling to my face he stripped off a glove and saying "Look at you with your neck all open in this weather" poked my adams apple with his index finger. The year....2002, December in England, and as I recoiled I knocked a CD out of the hands of a younger man (minder?) from the videocamcorder in his hands. Then they were gone.
I looked to see if he was known or named in the literature (Project Paperclip etc) and assumed his short height and the necessary longevity for it to be Mengele d.1979, confirmed1985, meant if it was anyone
it was one of the Paperclip scientists with similar presentation. Anyway, please add this to your list, just to challenge the 79 watershed for the sake of a possible intel frame up in 79.
THe eyes I looked into in 2002 were of a playful well preserved very old man working for British Intelligence is my guess, as my workplace and my bosses desk were burgled twice that month and we suddenly had decorators in, and I am still alive, making me attribute both his and my longevity to a process that only takes life when it has to and gives life to old Nazi's if .(like Pompey football team), they play the game.