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Mengele about his experiments, according to Hans Münch

Quotes by Hans Münch from The meeting: an Auschwitz survivor confronts an SS physician by Bernhard Frankfurter, Susan E. Cernyak-Spatz

How much credibility would you give them?

I wanted to know what Mengele was doing because I was in close contact with him, and we had these political or, rather, ideological discussions. For that reason, I wanted to know what he actualy did. Everyone was saying that Mengele was doing certain experimentations.
So he said, "What do you think I'm doing? Just normal anthropological tests like any anthropological institute does." And I said, "What kind are those? Concretely what are these experiments?" "You don't understand that," he said, and did not disclose anything more. I later tried to find out from the existing literature about him or from people who had known him what he really had been doing. No one could tell me.

"How can you justify that to yourself?" I would say. And he answered: "I don't have to jusify anything to myself, I only have to justify it to the German People." And then he'd start on his on well-known litany. Whether that was a psychological trick to exculpate himself, or whether he really believed it, that I don't know to this day.

"The Jews in Auschwitz will certainly not survive, no question about that. And with every transport, there arrive a certain number of identical twins. There is no place in the world where one can experiment with identical twins. Why? Because these experiments are inhumane. because you are no allowed to treat them," like -how did he phrase that- yes, "rabbits. Here we can do that" he said,"and if I do not select them out and use them for scientific purposes, then I really violate the oath that I have sworn."
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