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Hello I'm a newbie so I thought I'd introduce myself

Hello Fellow lovers of the angel 8D I don't have much to add to the community since I'm fairly new to the history of Mengele. I do have a couple of poems I made about him if you guys would like to see them just say the word. They were for school so they stick with the typical angel of death bad wicked evil feel but you gals might still like 'em.
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Ooh, finally an update!
I would be happy to read them.
XD I totally forgot I porsted on here.

Here are the poems they're pretty similar because I had one on my computer but had to put it on paper and had left my computer at the house so I had to write another.

This on is called "His Name is Josef"

His scalpel is his scythe
His coat is his feathered wings tainted with red
His smile is warm but his soul is ice
If you meet him count yourself dead
He is God but he’s not nice
He gifts life and death, joy and sorrow
He is cold and cruel
Most are lucky just to see tomorrow
To challenge him is to be a fool
His name is Josef and he is the angel of death

This one is called "Todsengel"

He is an angel
although far from kind
He is an angel
but with a twisted mind
He is an angel
with looks that could kill
He is an angel
with a smile that could chill
His name is Josef
and he is an angel
His name is Josef
He is the angel of death
Ohh they are great! I especially like the first one! (:
I myself suck at poetry.